Walking back from school and being catcalled is something I had to go through almost on a daily basis. No matter what clothes you wear, what age group you belong to or where you come from, nearly every girl has encountered being eve-teased.

Our brief was to make a Public Service Announcement (PSA) on a current issue relevant in India. The film comments on the present-day scenario of eve-teasing and sexual harassment that many of us go through. Pixilation animation helped us achieve an uncomfortable feel that the film required. Right from the sound and the montage edit to the choice of actors, their clothes, and their actions, everything adds up to the uneasiness that we strived for. Currently, we are working on an experimental edit using type and rotoscoped footage. The film will be up soon.

Pixilation, October 2017
Project Mentor: Pradeep Patil
Team: Aaryama Somayaji, Akshaj Kilewala, Indranil Ujagare, Kiran M N & Laura Rejo.