The Darwaza Stories

This project was done during our visit to Chitrakatha at NID Ahmedabad. Initially, we were given the word ‘Contrast’ and were asked to explore different parts of Ahmedabad and document the contrast in the mood, culture, people, food, architecture, and whatever we could get our eyes on, through illustrations. It was a week-long project where our end output was a handout. The Contrast was achieved through the stories behind the illustrations, gathered observations, typography, structure of the paper, and the layout.

The project was named ‘The Darwaza Stories’ because Ahmedabad is famous for its 12 Darwazas (gates) that are situated throughout the city. Each of the gates has a unique name and history of its own, along with beautiful carvings and calligraphy. Our motive was to give our best in capturing the essence of the city.  

Documentary Illustration, October 2017
Project Mentor: Tim Vyner
Team: Ashwini Parihar,  Ayushi Chatterjee, Sachin V S & Sanjoyana B. Choudhury.