Avisi is a calling for people, thoughts, and stories to come together and celebrate the essence of the human spirit. In this project, we had to pitch an event design for the upcoming college festival. The idea was to imbibe and consider all the factors, from the location of the event to the ulterior motive of why we are doing what we are doing. We wanted it to have a bigger purpose.

Mangalagiri, 10 km away from NID Vijayawada, has a story to tell. It is believed that underneath the Lakshmi-Narasimha temple situated on top of Mangalagiri hills, is actually a Volcano. It is said that people have been worshipping the volcano by feeding it panakam ( jaggery juice) and performing rituals to prevent it from erupting. The locals believe that sugar or jaggery water neutralizes the sulphur compounds in a volcano and prevents its eruption. And hence the Volcano became a symbol of revolution for our festival.

After two-week-long brainstorming and discussions as a class of twenty, we then had to come up with individual concepts for the design festival and its identity. Visually translating the vision and purpose of the festival was taken care of. 

Identity & Event Design, April 2018
Project Mentor: Prabhjyot Kaur Dhillon

Vision of the festival

“Yes, and how many times can a man turn his head
And pretending that he just doesn't see?

The answer, my friend, is blowin' in the wind
The answer is blowin' in the wind”

Celebrating the essence of human spirit, that’s what we stand for. From Dylan to Bukowski and
Archimedes to Van Gogh, we admire every soul that questioned, rattled their heads until they found out the truth.
Avisi stands for river in Sanskrit.
River being fluid, constantly moving and evolving and having no definite structure. It is a perfect metaphor for a gathering that accents on being free from preconceived notions and structures, and following one’s own path.

The symbol stands for an entity that is free. Something that is not bounded or constricted by any structure or preconceived notion. The attained form was inspired by the fluidic nature of molten magma found inside the volcano. Volcano, which is a symbol of revolution. A revolution that’s about to burn down all the old structures and make the land fertile enough to build upon new ideas and give an open land for each and every possibility. It also represents the paths that one follows to reach to their destination. Each time the form will be different but by keeping the font, colour, and the consistency of the strokes constant, the symbol will stay cohesive in whichever way possible.


Overall View of Entrance Experience

Major inspiration came from Lance Wyman's identity for the 1968 Mexico Summer Olympics. The idea was to take the logo and make the entire design language out of it. The entrance will have drapes coming from the top of the building with the identity on top of it. The drapes will be made out of fabric that will be translucent enough for letting sufficient light pass through it.

Entrance Experience

Recreation of walking through the walls of a volcano where people will have to follow a path in order to reach the main area. The path will be constructed in such a way that the visitor gets to experience it in isolation. The idea is to give the audience an experience of entering a completely different world. A world away from all the structures and societal pressures created by the humans and to let go all the preconceived notions and have fun.

Overall Experience

The Registration area, Seating, and the Stage will be in the shape of the identity. Seating Area is crafted in a way that it initiates smaller group discussions. The Main Stage Area in the central courtyard will be the place where all the design talks, discussions, debates, and performances will be conducted.


To maintain the visual language throughout the festival, stationery and merchandise will be handed out to the coordinators as well as the visitors.