Other than looking at the birds while back floating on water, Ketaki enjoys collecting food bills with her misspelled name on it. She has grown up eating oranges and believing that she can be anything she wants to be in this life. After a failed attempt to become a Museum owner, she decided enough was enough and went on with her day. Growing up in the city that is famously known for oranges, she has an innate ability to smell out an orange from almost anywhere. An unattended, empty lift gives her an immense amount of pleasure, especially when she manages to catch it right when it is about to leave. She likes to dance alone in her room. An avid fan of Spongebob, she can sing the title song in Marathi.

She is currently studying Communication Design at National Institute of Design, Vijayawada, where every week she decides to be something else in her life. Ketaki drains the water before adding masala to the Maggi. Watermelon and desert cooler gives her nostalgia. She loves watching Amélie. And firmly believes that films can change your life.

She believes in living a simple life but it would not hurt if she has a few superpowers. Every year in March, she gets old.

Write her letters because it will make her happy. Keep your cursor on ︎ HomeOr mail her at ketaki.meshram@nid.ac.in But really, letters will make her happy.